Declaration on environment

Environment Effort by Kyoto Hotel, Co., Ltd.

§ Principal philosophy

Kyoto Hotel, Co., Ltd. understands that preservation of the global environment is one of the most important issues common to human beings, and makes efforts to reduce any negative environmental impact throughout the organization.

§ Policy

In order to reduce any negative environmental impact of all hotel business activities and services, Kyoto Hotel, Co., Ltd. promotes environmental management activities based on the following policies, aiming for harmony with global environment.

  1. We always recognize environmental impact to promote pollution prevention, and make efforts for continuous improvement of environmental management activities.
  2. We comply with laws, ordinances, and other requirements related to the environment.
  3. We strive for the following three items when dealing with environmental impact, as key subjects for environmental management.
    1. ①Thorough sorting of industrial waste
    2. ②Intensification of environmental education
    3. ③Social contributions to cleaning and preservation
  4. We announce this Declaration on the Environment to all employees and those outside of the company, so that individuals can positively practice environmental impact reducing activities.
  5. Based on the partnership of the “Miyako Agenda 21 Forum”, we play an active role in environmental improvement activities in the local communities.

To meet the above policies, we set up targets, and periodically review achievement results to promote environmental management activities.

Date of establishment    June 1, 2001
Date of revision    November 12, 2013

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